Experience Responsibility and gether Security Guard License

Experience Responsibility and Gather Security Guard License

A security guard is a person employed by a private or government party to protect assets like people, equipment, money, property, etc. from hazards such as crimes, theft, damages, etc. Security Guards in Canada serve as the frontline ambassadors of property and people, ensuring their well-being and safety. Security Guards ensure safety by maintaining CCTV surveillance, and alarm system monitoring and taking action accordingly to minimize the damage and reporting the incidents to the clients. To start your career and experience as a security guard you have to follow certain steps to get a security guard license and fulfill your dream.

Basic Requirements for Licence

In Canada, If a person wants to pursue a career in the security services sector and attain a security guard license. A person has to follow mandatory requirements set by the ministry. The following are the requirements to be fulfilled:

  1. Must be 18 years old 
  2. Have a clean criminal record 
  3. Must be a Canadian citizen, if not then must have a work permit 
  4. A high-school diploma ( Social work, psychology, Sociology, and Criminology)

If any person has experience or retired from the police force or military even if outside Canada get an advantage in getting hired. Security services in Canada also require a good Customer service experience, as the person has to interact with clients. 

Having education helps a Security Guard to understand

  1. Security procedure
  2. Enhancing public safety 
  3. Professionalism and Customer Service
  4. Emergency Preparedness
  5. Legal and ethical responsibilities 

Complete the Security Guard Training

After fulfilling the mandatory requirement of education, a candidate has to undergo 40 hours of security Guard training to get the Security Guard License. The security guard training program varies according to the location and the type of security work a candidate wants to pursue. 

Security Guard Licence has bought the facility to get you trained online for security guard services. Irrespective of your location you can access our online security course from any remote location and choose the training program you always dreamed of. Here at the security guard license tests and training sessions are conducted. It helps you to qualify for the exam test after 40 hours of training. 

Fulfill the dream and obtain a Licence

After completing 40 hours of training and the internal exams conducted for the Security Guard license. A candidate is now ready to get his Security Guard license from the government agency. Depending on where the Candidate lives, a different agency may be in charge of issuing licenses 

To get their license, Candidates need to show that they’ve completed the necessary training. Get cleared by a background check, and pay a fee. After clearing the test the candidate is eligible to apply for the job of security guard in different security firms to initiate their career. 

You can complete your training at your own pace from wherever you are with a Security Guard License, knowing that help is just an email or phone call away. We continue to make our curriculum the most accessible in the world. Reviews have been generally favorable and helped you to boost your career. The curriculum designed by the Security Guard License is more than reading pages and pieces of information. Our Security Guard Training programs contain scenarios, quizzes, and material. It will define your path on the road to your dreams of getting a job as a security Guard.

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