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Security Guard License

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1. What does this symbol represent?

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2. Which role does a security guard need to wear a security uniform by regulations?

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3. Independent notes recorded in a Security Guards notebook must be made from:

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4. A security guard receives a dispatch from a remote monitoring company that indicates an
intrusion alarm was received. What steps should the security guard take?

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5. What is the legal age of an adult in Canada?

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6. What are some examples of a type of security work?

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7. What is a security guard/workers right that the Occupational Health and Safety Act does
not support?

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8. What can a security guard do to reduce the risk and danger of the job?

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9. What is the best definition of the term ‘Duty of care’?

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10. Which of the following would not apply in the Registrars opinion to decline the issuing of a
security licence to an applicant?

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11. A security guard's duties can include the collection of unpaid accounts for clients

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12. A security guard must

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13. New provisions under the PSISA would include:

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14. What is an injunction?

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15. What is the first tactical consideration in the National Use of Force model?

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16. What are some methods used to observe suspicious behavior and the physical environment
for changes?

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17. Approximately what percent of communication is verbal?

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18. In responding to a fire, a security guard must first

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19. Placing a choke hold on an individual you have arrested because you have a feeling he may escape could be excessive use of force

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20. Security guards who fail to maintain safety can be held civilly liable by the courts

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21. While using two-way radios, Security Guards may be required to use 10-codes. What is the 10-
code for “Repeat Message”?

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22. No private investigator, security guard, or person who engages in the business of selling the
services of private investigators or security guards shall use the following term for variation:

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23. What ways can someone get a security license application forms and instructions?

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24. When a security guard is issued a notebook, who owns it?

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25. Tort Law is commonly referred to as

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26. WHMIS Class “D” Includes

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27. What is the common form of physical access control?

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28. What does this symbol represent?

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29. Licensed agencies must carry at least _______ in general liability insurance

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30. What is the most common physical measure taken for access control?

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31. While on duty, security guards need to utilize all of their senses to identify and detect what is
going on in their environment. What would be best described as your powers of observation?

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32. The final court of appeal from all other Canadian courts is:

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33. Anyone wanting to work as a Security Guard needs to complete the Ministry’s Basic Security
Guard program which consists of

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34. One of the requirements during the licensing process is to submit a passport quality
photograph. The photograph is good for:

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35. What does private sector security place strong emphasis on?

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36. What are some of the keys while filling out the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of
a report?

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37. What does this symbol represent?

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38. Security is very aware that good communication takes place on which level?

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39. You are security patrolling the environment when you see a patch of ice. What condition
would you consider it?

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40. Under Bill 159, security guards are required

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41. A security guard is being observed by the public

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42. Minor criminal offences are heard in

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43. On a site, how to deal with a bomb threat would be addressed in

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44. The principles of general security patrol could be described as:

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45. What would not be an example of ‘Stereotyping’?

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46. Upon being notified of an emergency, a security guard must make a determination on the
best course of action. Why is security guard safety top priority?

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47. Why has demand for security personnel increased?

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48. What type of benefits do businesses and communities receive by hiring the service of a
security personnel?

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49. Upon the arrest or detention of a person, a security guard can lawfully search the person under
which scenario?

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50. What traits and abilities will help a security guard diffuse potential problems such as an angry

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51. What are post standing orders?

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52. What act regulates the security industry?

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53. What emergency situations could occur to a security guard while working on site?

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54. What should a security guard refer to in order to find information regarding what evidence is
admissible in court?

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55. How are private investigators different from security guards?

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56. Which of the following is found in the PSISA Vehicle Regulations?

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57. Which of the following fuels are associated with a Class B fire?

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58. What is the job of a security personnel while on duty?

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59. How should your transmission be when communicating via radio?

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60. What vital services can a security guard provide?

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Follow the Criteria to be eligible for the Security Guard License Test

Security Guard License Tests and the Security Industry are governed by the PSISA. The Private Security and Investigation Act was given the authority on August 23, 2007. The purpose of the PSISA is to help practitioners to receive proper training with enhanced public safety. This Act and its regulations govern the way private security professionals operate in the public. 

On April 15, 2010, the security guard training and test regulations were formulated by the PSISA. All the security guards and Private investigators have to fulfill these requirements so that they are able to get their security guard licenses. You can get your license either by online security guard license test or by selecting the physical examination. 

To Obtain your license and start your career in security services, you have to follow the legal requirements set by the PSISA. The process of getting a security license takes a reasonable amount of time but mostly it takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete. One of the fastest ways to get a security license is to apply for an online security license test.  After passing the online security license test you will be able to get the license test and you will be able to start your career in the security industry. 

Fulfill Your Dream with a Security Guard Licence

In order to start your career and revive your existing career, a Security Guard License test is important.  This test opens your path toward new opportunities in security guard services.

In order to start a challenging career as a security guard. One of the most important requirements is age.  To get your security license in Canada, a candidate must fulfill the minimum age limit to have enough physical strength to handle a situation. To get a security guard license in Canada, the Candidate must be 18 years old. 

In order to qualify for the security guard license test, applicants who were born and raised in Canada are required to submit specific documentation to the registrar. This includes their current residential address, a Canadian passport issued by the Ministry, and a copy of their birth certificate issued by the hospital of their birth. However, for individuals who were residents of Canada but not born in the country, the documentation requirements differ. In this case, applicants need to provide copies (both front and back) of documents such as the Record of Landing Document, RR Card, Certificate of Citizenship Card, Study Permit, and Work Permit.

To apply for a security guard license in Canada, The Candidate must have a clean criminal record. But if the candidate wants to start their career in the security industry and has a criminal record. Then, such candidates have to inform the registrar about the Police Information and criminal record. If a person has a criminal history then he will be given 14 days under the Security Service Act. These documents help the registrar to make a clear decision about the acceptance or rejection of the security guard license test application.