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Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Security Guard License you must meet the following Eligibility Criteria

Security Guard Training


If you were born in Canada and brought up there then you have to provide the registrar with:

If you were a resident of Canada but not born in Canada then you must send the following documents to the registrar ( front and back copies)


To apply for the Security Licence, you need to submit any identity documents from the following to the registrar for photo identification




Driver’s License 

Canadian PR Card 

Canadian Firearms License

Physical and Mental Fitness Report

To get a security license you must inform the registrar about the mental health condition and physical fitness report. If you are going through any kind of physical or mental treatment must inform the registrar. If you are under the supervision of a doctor for any sort of treatment, the Doctor must fill out the Mental Health Condition Form. This form allows the registrar to make a decision either to accept or reject the application.

Criminal Record

When you are applying for a license in Canada in the security industry, you are required to provide information about the criminal record, police information, and correctional service record to the registrar. Under the Security Service Act, a person has 14 days to notify the registrar about the offense or new charges filed against him. These documents help the registrar to make a decision about the acceptance or rejection of your application.

English Proficiency

As a security guard working in an event or on duty at a hospital, you must be fluent in English to communicate with people while carrying out your duties. According to the Canadian language Benchmark mark level 5 must be achieved to be eligible for the security guard position.


To apply for a license in Canada, you have to obey the age limit of 18 to be eligible to start your career in the security industry.


Fingerprints are typically necessary for your initial application. Once your fingerprint records are in the Registrar's database, it's usually not necessary to repeat the fingerprinting process. However, there may be exceptional situations where the Registrar could ask you to provide fingerprints again.

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